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Top 10 Three Wheel Cars

Have you ever thought of having your own decent means of transportation that would not be such a burden on your pocket? I mean who hasn’t. In fact that is the reason people opt for a diesel engine vehicles for better mileage. Well you are all in for a treat with the Top 10 Three Wheel Cars. No they are not missing a wheel at all; they are actual decent drivable vehicles that are not only affordable but also eco-friendly. Plus the government in most countries consider the three wheel cars as a motorcycle, so you are not charged with road tax or annual check-up fees of the car. Indeed in many countries the motorcycle licence is sufficient for the three wheel car. You can’t get a better bargain than this!

10. Reliant Robin

Reliant Robin

Reliant Robin takes a place in the top 10 three wheel cars as it has a long history and all those many memories attached with it. The Reliant Robin has always brought smiles to our faces, whether it’s the after a good drive or after a few minutes of watching Mr. Bean! The drive of a three wheel is fun and exhilarating! Owning one of these cars can be a dream come true and add an extra dimension to your life. This was an attempt to bring back some memories and add some new figures to the scene of world class cars and driving.



9. Grinnall Scorpion III

Grinnall Scorpion

The Grinnall Scorpion III designed by the famous awarded automotive stylist Steve Harper. The scorpion is an awesome three wheeler that gives you a satisfaction of owning something unique and stylish. It is great at the corners and does 0-60 mph in 4 seconds with top speeds over 130 mph. These cars are fitted with EFI BMW K series motorcycle engines. The body is made out of glass fibre reinforced polyester, developed by hand, you get a 2 pack paint finish and have a wide color choice to choose from.



8. Isetta


The Bubble Car as known by most people is of Italian origin, and was made after the WWII for transportation within the cities. BMW later took the Isseta and introduced a whole new range of improved cars. The bubble windows were no more there and were replaced by sliding side windows. The Isetta cars could speed up to 60 mph and sustained a good reputation. BMW Isetta is known to be one of the three wheel cars that were widely used in television series like Family Matters, Bedazzled and more.



7. Myers Motors

Myers Motors

The Myers three wheel car is a surely eye catching car. With a smooth rounded appearance, this car seats two people and runs at the speed of 75 mph. Popular by the name of ‘jelly bean’ this three wheel car is the best when it comes to commuting and in-city driving. The car runs on an electric battery that can be charged overnight and gives the speed of 75 mph. The Myers car has an in-built radio, a fan and heater, power windows and windshield wiper. With the Myers 3 wheel cars you can enjoy a smooth ride through the town with no worries at all.



6. Berkeley

Berkeley Three Wheeler

The Berkeley T60 is worth mentioning in the list of top ten 3 wheel cars. Introduced in 1959 the Berkeley T60 was a boom as it could be driven on a motorcycle licence! This three seater micro car gives you the complete car experience which you can certainly enjoy along with your family. The car provides options of a hard or soft top which provides you with weather protection throughout the year. With its classy looks, smooth running and economic reliability the Berkeley T60 has always been admired by passionate car lovers.



5. XR-3

XR-3 Hybrid

The XR-3 Hybrid is one of its own kind in the three wheel cars. It is a self-assemble unit with plans provided by the manufacturer. It has fuel economy of 125 to over 200 mph! It does more than 200 mph when you use both the batteries and the diesel in series. On diesel alone it does a 125 mph. With weighing just 1480 pounds and fitted with high performance design allows the car speedy acceleration with a top speed of 80 mph. There are a lot of options for builder to customize the car like making it not a convertible or a roadster however you choose.



4. Carver

Carver Three Wheeler

With the perfect blend of a motorcycle and a car, the Carver is the most unique three wheel car. And what makes it unique is the hydraulic tilting mechanism which allows the car to turn 45 degrees, which depends on how much cornering force is applied to it. It would surely give you an adrenaline rush on the first drive, but once mastered it assures the smoothest drive around all bended corners. The Carver has a 660 cc 4-cylinder 16-valve engine giving a top speed of 115 mph. Another quality of Carver that makes it stand out is its ‘Dynamic Vehicle Control’ which allows the car to balance in almost all circumstances.



3. Twike


The Twike is the 3-wheel car that has a history of being one of the best cars driven by human power. The Twike is being manufactured in Germany by FINE Mobile GmbH. With the growing technology the latest Twike is the Human Power Hybrid which speeds up to 53 mph; however you can always switch to the pedals when you want to! What makes this three wheel car special is its thermoplastic resin cover on the aluminium frame, which makes the car really lightweight. The Twike remains in production due to its qualities of being eco-friendly, sporty and lightweight giving you the best driving experience.



2. T-rex

T-rex Three Wheeler

Nothing like a T-rex but rightly named. This fierce little monster is not to be underestimated. It can do 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 144 mph! Its track worthy too. The T-rex comes with safety roll cage and adjustable shoulder strap. It has a Kawasaki sourced 1400 cc incline – 4 engine, delivering 197 horse power and 113 torque. It is a magnificent three wheeled sports car manufactured by Campagna motors.



1. Morgan Three Wheeler

Morgan Three Wheeler

The Morgan three wheeler; the daddy of all three wheelers is back. They have re-launched their trike in 2011. It resembles the vintage models of Morgan, dating back to 1909. This model is equipped with 1.9 litre engine, 0- 60 in 4.5 seconds and top speed of 115 mph. It pulls off 50 miles to the gallon and on a full tank it does more than 400 miles. With its killer looks of a WWI camel fighter plane you are sure to make tons of heads to turn towards your direction with this car. Also the inside dials, switches and buttons are of that of the airplane and look extremely cool.


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