Top Ten Things To Do In London

Are you very much excited to visit London? What to find out the best places in London? Want to know exciting things in London? lets see it…..

London is a wonderful city with the wealth of culture and history that leaves each and every visitor want more. London is a center of attraction in the World from historic land marks to latest constructions.

Top Ten things to do in London:


It is one of the most important and famous landmarks in London which is amenable from Westminster-station. You can relish the sites of Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, the Thames River and The London eye when you walk around.

The London Eye:

Originally built as temporary structure when compare to Big-Ben it is tallerLondon_Eye and most popular. It provides the most amazing views of the city, which provides the visibility for about 40km in all directions. It has proved that it is one of the bet loved landmarks by celebrating 10th birthday successfully. It is a giant Ferris wheel. Each and every capsule holds twenty people, creeps around at 0.6miles/hour. It is an agonizingly slow bevy, as a trip on this eye is called, but from top view you will be rewarded with beautifully free views in London when you have a trip in night it will be amazing.

Thames river:

The bank of the River-Thames is furrowed up attracting landmarks such as Houses of Parliament, Big-Ben, Canary Wharf and more. The Thames River is the best way to view the city when weaving through the heart of London. There is no alternative to visit the sights of Britain’s capital other than Thames and one of the most unique thing is taking a boat trip on the Thames is must each and every visitor should view it.

Double Decker Bus ride:

For narration and get on or off for your free time take the ‘Official London Sight seeing bus’. Take accurate red city bus and sit upstairs to enjoy the views.


The Hyde park is one of the famous Park where the visitors view speakers corner on Sunday morning.

Kensington Palace Gardens are connected to the Hyde park which is a beautiful garden.

Regent’s park:

This is also one of the beautiful park even in winter also you can find your favorite flowers. St James park is also one of the best park in London where you find the views of Buckingham Palace.

Afternoon Tea:

In order to have a break, stop for a while and have traditional British “Afternoon Tea”, you can enjoy your tea at the Ritz.

Houses of Parliament:

It is commonly known as palace of Westminster, visitors who came from different countries can visit the parliament to attend watch committees, tour, debates, including the clock tower known as Big-Ben.

Buckingham Palace:

overall the palace’s 775 rooms, for official and state entertaining 19 state rooms were used by Queen and her guests. They consist some of the paintings by Rembrandt ,greatest treasures from royal collections.

St Paul’s Cathedral:

It is one of the beautiful attraction in London. It is the house to the catacomb of admirable monumental figures such as Duke of Wellington, Lord Nelson.

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