10 Eye Colours of Humans

Eyes are the most attractive feature of a human and no doubt the most important and sensitive organ also. Usually the eye colour of  humans differ from place to place, for e.g., mostly the eye colour of Asians are black or brown. Since 1801, when contact lenses were introduced by Thomas Young, from then to now there are many colours of contact lenses available at the market but none can compete the natural eye colour with contact lenses. I’ve compiled together a list of 10 eye colours of humans. Have a look at the art of nature and tell us your eye colour in the comments.



10. Black

(Image source: wikipedia.org)                                                                                                                                                                                    

This is the most common eye colour. People with black coloured eyes are sensual, secretive and deeply intuitive.



9. Brown

(Image source: blogspot.com)

Brown colour is the second most common eye colour. People with brown eyes may indicate that they are independent and have a deep feeling for Earth and nature.



8. Amber

(Image source: facebook.com)

People with amber eyes are mostly very simple and creative. Amber coloured eyes often have a shade of golden.



7. Blue

 (Image source: osweekly.com)

A person with blue eyes may indicate that he/she is a direct and forceful person who has an immense vitality and a gift for insight and observation.



6. Blue-Gray

(Image source: photos8.org)

Looking beautiful, right? The people with this eye colour have mostly the qualities of people with blue eyes. In my opinion it is the most beautiful eye colour.



5. Green

(Image source: photos8.org)

A person with green eyes indicate compassionate and creative person with boundless energy.



 4. Gray

People with gray eyes are normally sensitive and subtle whose flexibility puts them few steps ahead of the crowd.



3. Hazel

(Image source: wikipedia.org)

People with hazel eyes have a combination of qualities. They may have the qualities of people with blue, green, brown and gray.



2. Spectrum of colours

Spectrum is not rare, but it looks great. I cannot say anything about their qualities, they may get the qualities of the colours in the spectrum.



1. Violet

Seems like the above picture is fake! But its not fake, people rarely get violet coloured eyes. A person with violet eyes indicates that he/she is a  noble, refined, natural leader and a seeker of spiritual truths.


5 thoughts on “10 Eye Colours of Humans”

  1. the amber and brown eyes are actually hazel (light golden brown colour; colour of a hazelnut), the hazel eye is actually green (forest green), the blue-gray eye is no more blue than the actual gray eye, if anything it’s more of a gray colour, the blue eye has been photoshoped and i suspect would look like more of a grey/green colour naturally due to it being a light blue colour with yellow tones through it, black eyes don’t actually exist they are just an extremely dark shade of brown (as i like to call it virtually black) and is found in non-caucasians (not found in caucasians due to all caucasians having some sort of blue eyed ancestry), the green eye looks photoshoped and potentially fake and the violet eye is obviously fake as it is a prominent and unrealistic purple colour, not violet (blue-purple) making it impossible for a human to have that colour eye.

  2. no sir. i am 30 years old and i ve seen 3 times that; people may have black eyes. but i ve seen the other eyes several times. but never a violet.

    i also have black eyes. people admire it. so beautiful. one can not read my eyes that easily. they say so..

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