Top 10 Most Common Words of English

I’ve listed top 10 most common words of English which is spoken and understandable worldwide. These words are spoken by almost every person on earth everyday, even by those people who don’t even understand English like a simple “Okay” or a nice “Hello”. Read below for more commonly spoken words of English Language. If you think something is missing please share your idea in your comments. Note: These words are only common for those who don’t understand English Language.




Honestly speaking, “like” was’nt common at all at least in my country. But after Facebook it is one of the most common word of English spoken by people who don’t know English.




It is also one of the common word spoken by non-English people. Students call their teachers “sir”, people often call “sir” to those who have higher status than theirs and most commonly employees call their bosses “sir”.




This is also one of the most common word. Parents teach their little children to say “bye-bye” and we also very often say to our friends and family, on phone, on facebook etc.




Good luck, good service, good work, good food…That is the most commonly used word for good remarks. Teachers to students, bosses to employees, parents to their children. If you want to appreciate someone you can say one little word and that’s it. Good!!!




Time is also of significant social importance, having economic value (“time is money”) as well as personal value, due to an awareness of the limited time in each day and in human life spans. Everyone(non-English) use this word and literally call it “time”  and almost everyday.




The most common word for apologizing is simply sorry in many places.




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3.Happy Birthday

Did you know “Happy birthday” is also the most popular song in the world and everyday somewhere someone is singing “Happy birthday to you”




We use mobile phones daily regularly and “hello” has become a word to check connection on the phone like, “Hello, are you there?”




Okay, its not necessary to write about every listing in this list. “Okay” is top on the list because it is the most popular word of English language as it is used by many many non-English around the world. People also use this word anywhere they want in any situation.


NOTE: This list is compiled to show the data for the use of English words in non-English zones only.

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