10 Steps on Making a Blogging Website

Making a blogging website and writing unique content is a very good and easy way to earn money online, if you have knowledge about websites. But, even if you have very little skills of internet you can make your own website and start writing articles by the help of articles already published on the internet for beginners. I’ve compiled a list showing basic 10 steps on making a blogging website which may help a beginner. Please give your valuable comments.



10. Choose a Topic

Choosing a topic is the basic and first step. You should choose a topic which easy for you to write. The best topic is technology or internet. After choosing your topic, search on the internet to see whether your chosen topic is searched by people or ask your friends what they search the most except illegal content like gambling or hate speech.



9. Buy a Domain

Now, this is one of the most important step. You should only buy a TLD(Top Level Domain) like .com, .net, .org or .info. Never go for a free subdomain. You can also go for a ccTLD(country code Top Level Domain) like .us or .ca if your topic is related to a specific country or region. And I would suggest to buy your doamin from a legit registrar like GoDaddy or Hostgator.



8. A Good Web Hosting

There are many many web hosting sites out there. Never go for free web hosting if someone is offering you. You should only buy web hosting from a legit company like iPage, Hostgator or GoDaddy.



7. A Good Blogging Software

Most of the web hosts gives you 1-click auto installer for WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. You should only consider a blogging platform with the most features and also with the most users.



6. Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster account

It’s very important for you to have an account with Google and Bing Webmaster. It gives you a complete analysis of your website and it also submits your site to the biggest search engine that is Google and Bing Webmaster account submits your website to Bing search engine and also Yahoo! search engine.



5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the most important step because everyone who owns a website wants traffic on their site. I know you will want people who are interested in your content finds you on the search engine. Read some more detailed information about SEO here.



4. Social Networking Websites

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace could become a very important source of traffic to your websites, so always create a page on these social networks and share your thoughts for the world. You should update you pages on social networks regularly so that the visitors visiting your page will also visit your website. The most important social networks are Facebook and Twitter which can send hundreds of visitors to your site daily.



3. Backlinks

Backlinking means leaving a link of your website or a page of your website to another website which redirects visitors from their site to your site. Leave your links on similar articles so that the visitor reading that article might be interested and read you article also by opening your link. The more relevant backlinks the better chances of your website appearing on a search engine.



2. Internet Forums

Join online forums related to webmasters that could be very helpful to you as you can ask any question there and get answers from other members. I would suggest you to join forums.digitalpoint.com or warriorforums.com.



1. Monetize

Simple! Sell advertisings on your website and make money. The best ad network I would suggest is Google Adsense. Well, have fun with your new site.




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