Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World

If you have been granted to visit any country all over the globe, perhaps you may include one of the top 10 most visited countries in the world as your choice destination. What could be your preference? Is it about the food that you cannot find anywhere else, or the sights that are found in magazines or on the internet? There could be more reasons than one why you could pick these countries as your next spot to visit, but one thing is for certain: You find it great to go there and spend time with your family or loved ones.



10. Mexico

Known as a country with great heritage and history, Mexico touts the Meso-American ruins as its main attraction, where you can also find colonial structures that have been influenced by European architecture. Due to its warm weather, many tourists living in countries with cold winters visit here and enjoy the white sand beaches, along with the perfect temperature that keeps people all warm and comfortable. You could also feast with authentic spicy Mexican food just like tacos, burritos, nachos, and other treats that cannot be tasted anywhere else, even though there are many business people that bring such food traditions outside the country.



9. Malaysia

When you mention Malaysia, the first thing that comes to mind is the world-renowned Petronas Twin Towers in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. However, one of the famed destinations of Southeast Asia has more to offer than what can be found in the concrete jungle. Test your mountain climbing skills and endurance while scaling Mount Kinabalu, or engage into a food adventure by going into the Top Spot Food Court and enjoy varieties of tasty seafood and other treats while eating on top of a building plaza. Visiting the many temples that display genuine Malaysian architecture is also a must-see here.



8. Germany

Germany has been known as a country that changed the face of the planet’s history whether it involves the revolution of music, seeing the face of war, and even the breakthroughs of science and technology. You can visit some of Germany’s best architectural finds by seeing amazing castles such as the Neuschwanstein, which greatly reminds you of what can be seen in fantasy movies and fairytale books. The Brandenburg Gate is worth checking out being the nation’s symbol of peace where East and West Berlin was united after the many wars experienced within. Visiting the City of Weimar is also a great place to visit if you are interested in seeing the cradle of music, arts, engineering, and design being unfolded through your very eyes.



7. United Kingdom

The recent wedding of the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge made the United Kingdom a famous location in the worldwide tourism industry where people all over the world were able to see the Westminster Abbey arrayed with live trees in celebrating the bonds being established for the couple. However, there is more to the UK than just castles and royalty. You can find one of the oldest burial sites the world has ever seen, which is the Stonehenge. You could consider visiting fun places such as the huge Hampton Court Maze, the Cawdor Estate, River Severn, Hadrian’s Wall, and other natural or man-made wonders.



6. Turkey

Famous for being the city that sits in the middle of two continents Asia and Europe, Turkey is proven to be a place where the East meets the West. One of the greatest evidences is the presence of structures that have been influenced by both territories such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which shows the greatness of Muslim architecture, along with the Ruins of Ephesus that is influenced of Roman culture. You can also explore different grounds at Mount Nemurut where large head sculptures can be found, along with Mamure Kalesi that provides a serene ambience of an ancient castle overlooking the sea along its coast. Venture into the Grand Bazaar where you can see various rare finds from one of the world’s most famous spice market venues.



5. Italy

Home to the delicious pasta and pizza, Italy has been visited by many tourists whose aim is to taste and experience satisfying a palate that seeks the origin of one of the world’s best craved meals and recipes. Though this may be one of the main reasons for the many guests flocking in from various nations, there is more to Italy than just the food. It is also known for the majestic structures, the seamless sculptures, the captivating paintings, and other masterpieces that have been polished by time and created by skill. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn among others were also born here, whose artworks can be seen in museums, art houses, chapels, and even on the streets. Checking out Venice for a wonderful date, Rome for experiencing spirituality in the center of Catholicism, and other numerous places prove to be worth your visit.



4. Spain

There is so much action in Spain even if you have saved seeing the bullfights for last. With their huge array of amazing landscapes, architectural wonders, and even iconic venues, there is so much to explore and experience that a day will definitely be never enough. You can see Muslim, modern, Caribbean, Lutheran, native, and even visionary building design that would make you picture such sights so many times. Spain is abundant in beaches, mountains, plains, and even cities that are filled with story, history, and mystery that you just can’t get enough.



3. China

Even with no introduction, many people know China for the serene looking mountains, peaceful streams and rivers, and for food whose taste has been harnessed by many decades of persistence and perfection desired by their skilled chefs. As you visit the mainland, don’t forget to include the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Karst Mountains in Yangshuo, Potala Palace in Lhasa, and see some Pandas while on the way. Oh, and you may also consider visiting Hong Kong too if you got some time to spare as it would be a bit far from the mainland.



2. United States of America

As the United States of America has over 50 different states that constitute its political expanse, almost each of these states have its own set of destinations for you to check on and see. However, of those that stands out being famous for different tourists around the world, seeing the Grand Canyon, crossing the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, spending a night or two in Las Vegas, immersing yourself in the deep Western culture of cowboys and Indians, and shopping in NYC should be included in your list. Although you may have eaten American food such as burgers, fries, hotdogs, and steaks, trying these delicacies in popular places should also be worth trying out.



1. France

Romance in the air, the scent of deliciously made breads, the taste of sweet wine, and the breathtaking view of the whole city from the Eiffel Tower usually make up of what you can feel, smell, taste, and see as you find yourself in France. Aside from the famous tower, there are also other places of recognition to visit such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame, artworks displayed in Louvre, the creativity of chocolate artisans in Bayonne, the prehistoric cavern art at Vezere Valley, and others.

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