Top 10 Great Things You Can Get for Free Online

There are so many things out there that you can get for free, although there are many skeptics and pessimists thinking that such offers have their catch. For the free seekers who are just serious with avoiding charges and fees for things that matter, scouring the internet would provide considerable options. If you would also like to join the costless bandwagon with products and services you can enjoy, you may hop in and find out the top 10 great things you can get for free online.



10. eBooks


eBooks are now considered one of the best innovations by bookworms and book lovers as tons of such materials can now be read and carried along with hundreds of other books, all fit in a PC, tablet, or even in a cellphone. Although there may be other volumes that may cost some money, there are many other manuscripts that are free of charge. Such free things can be downloaded through different sites and groups like Project GutenbergFree, and, believing that some of the best reads in life are free.



9. Online Classes


The good thing about online classes is that you may now sit in the comfort of your own home while deciding which courses you would like to learn for free. As you check various details from search engines, you will come across different media of studying such as videos in YouTube, downloadable eBooks that tackle courses being studied, and there are even audio files that can give you the experience as if you are actually in a classroom setting. You can take up major courses such as Biology, Mathematics, and even Psychology, all in the click of a mouse. Some of these include Stanford’s Free Online Courses, MIT’s OpenCourseWare, Harvard Open Courses, and others more.



8. Phone Calls

Phone calls were used to be done on landlines and cellphones only. However, thanks to the advantage of internet, and connecting various computer networks all over the world, it is now possible for you to make and receive calls from any device that has access to the information gateway. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) now makes most international calls cheaper than the standard calling service, and even PC to PC calls a free thing for many people everywhere. You can do these calls by downloading software from services like SkypeEvaphone, and iCall, and use it in your computers.



7. Music


With music being a part of everyone’s life, the said industry has found ways and means of making it accessible for all. Whether you are using mobile phones, PCs, or any other gadget on hand, you can now choose to listen to online streaming or you can even download some songs for free. Although AOL MusicArtist Direct, and are offering more on the streaming side of the audiophile industry, they are also featuring some free downloads that you can enjoy and sink your ears into.



6. Movies


Who does not love free movies? No matter what kind of genre may be watched by majority of viewers, knowing that you can see full-length videos for free just excites you. You may choose between online streaming or you may download it to your computer so that you can always watch it on your convenience, where Crackle, Movie25, and Popcorn Flix may be some of your options. There are so many sources on the internet and you can just pick anything that you’d like to see on your PCs, laptops, tablets, and even on mobile phones.



5. Online Remote Storage


With new technologies such as cloud computing, online remote storage is already finding itself as a necessity to users who like to save their files from being lost, misplaced, deleted, or wiped out by viruses. While some offer such services for a low fee, there are companies that provide 5GB of cloud storage for free, still having all the features that you could consider valuable. Mozy, iDriveADrive, and others can do backups for multiple devices, can be accessed using other computers, and your data is protected with some of the best encryption services available, which is a great stuff for free.



4. Apps


Apps are now more popular than ever, thanks for mobile phone technologies and developments that have been pushed through by Apple, Google, RIM, Nokia, and others. With such innovations over the net, users can now have a better choice of utilizing their mobile phones and tablets, whether they decide to get free games, utilities, business apps, and others. While some apps still cost some amount, FreenewFree Apps, and Free App a Day have gone ahead of finding what’s for free in the app market world. They see to it that users would have a shot at what mobile life is like for things that are free.



3. Software


No matter what kind of application you would want to use to accomplish things, you will definitely need some kind of software to accomplish your task. Thanks to the many developers and programmers that create free stuff like this, you can now download it from various places such as FileHippoCNET, and CFS, where you can enjoy completing your job without a fraction of the cost. Almost all kinds of premium paid software now have free alternatives that may look less attractive or less featured than the real thing. However, it still makes you finish what you have started and that’s what matters most.



2. WiFi


WiFi has been rad and in demand these days, as more and more places are offering it for free. Customers that utilize services, purchase meals, and even patronize products are given the privilege to use WiFi as an advantage to attract prospective clients and other consumers. So whether you are eating in a fast food chain, riding the bus, staying in a hotel, or just passing by a store, you can connect your WiFi capable devices at no additional charge.



1. Information


They say that the best things in life are free, therefore, information may be considered as one of the best things there is in cyberspace. With most search engines, domains, and websites providing accessible news, updates, and other details, you will not be left out no matter what genre or niche you are interested in. With just typing in your keyword of interest in the likes of Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you can choose to as many websites there are with the info you are seeking, until you satisfy your craving.

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