Top 10 Best Sport Shoes Brands

Sports shoe is a generic name for the footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise but in recent years has come to be used for casual everyday activities. They are also known as kicks (American English) trainers (British English and Hong Kong English), trabs (British English), daps (Wenglish), sandshoes, gym boots or joggers (Australian English), running shoes, runners or gutties(American English, Canadian English, Hiberno-English), sneakers (American English, Australian English, and Indian English), tennis shoes (British English and American English), gym shoes, tennies, sports shoes, sneaks, tackies (South African English and Hiberno-English), rubber shoes (Philippine English) or canvers (Nigerian English). I’ve compiled a list of top 10 sports shoes brands that are the best of all. Have sporty read!



10. Hi-Tec

Hi-Tec is an UK based sports brand. It was founded in 1974 in England and their head office is also in UK.



9. Ascics

Asics is an Japanese athletic footwear company. It was founded in 1949.



8. K-Swiss

K-Swiss is an American footwear company. Their head office is also in the USA. It was founded in 1966. Its signature K-SWISS “CLASSIC,” the first leather tennis shoe, made its debut at Wimbledon in 1966, and more than 40 years later, is still a style staple both on and off the court.



7. New Balance

New Balance is an American footwear company. It was founded in 1906 as NBAS – (New Balance Athletic Shoe)



6. Converse

Converse is an American based shoe company. It was founded in 1908. Their owner is NIKE.



5. Fila

Fila is an South Korean sports brand. Fila was founded in Italy in the year 1911 and In 2007, South korean company takeover Fila. Their head office is based in South Korea.



4. Puma

Puma is an German Sports brand. Their head office is based in Germany. Puma was founded in 1924 (as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik) by two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler But after some time their relationship become worse for some reasons and they both divided in 1948. They made two separate brands Adidas and Puma.



3. Reebok

Reekbok is a subsidary of the German sports brand.
Reebok was Founded in 1895 (Bolton, UK) but their Head office is in the USA.



2. Adidas

Adidas is an German Sports brand and their head office is also based in Germany. Addidas was Founded in 1924.



1. Nike

Nike is an American sports brand. Their head office is in the USA. Nike was Founded in Jan, 1964 as (Blue Ribbon Sports)

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