Top 10 Things You Use Everyday

There are many things we use in our daily life and some we are using first time. There are many humans in this world who don’t even use these necessary things so I am only writing about normal people who use these things daily but did’nt even think about it, imagine your life without these necessities and have a look at the top 10 things you use everyday. Comment your suggestions of things we use regularly.



10. Televisions


Television is no doubt the most entertaining invention ever and nowadays one of the most useful thing. Television is watched by billions of people everyday. Life without television is a little bit incomplete. Television is considered to be the most effective means of communication in our world today. An average Joe spends around two hours of their time just by staying in front of the TV. It is acceptable to say that each household watches television.



9. Shoes or Slippers

Shoes or slippers are also used by us almost everyday, it is used by us regularly whether we have to go to the office, school or for a walk ! Ever thought a life without shoes? Believe it or not it has great importance to everyone and it deserve a  spot in this list.



8. Computers

How can I forget this legendary invention in a list giving things we use everyday, besides we use it everyday it has become an addiction for millions of people, almost everything in this world is linked to computers directly or indirectly. It is used in every business, schools, airports and everywhere. As technology is moving ahead computer is becoming more easier, secure and fun to use. There are many faces of computer like laptops, tablets and smart phones.



7. Mobile Phones

It’s true, mobile phone has become one of the necessities of life as it completes the wireless need of communication, those people who don’t even know how to use a computer have a mobile phone. Most of people use a mobile phone as a means of communication only, but on the other there are are some people who think that their cell phone is their life, including my sister. Nowadays, all of you know how much fun a mobile phone could be when it transform into a smart phone!



6. Chairs

I know it seems silly, but it’s true whether it is a couch, a chair or a bed we all take rest or even when we are at work we are on a chair, in a car on a seat or at home on a sofa or something. We use it everyday. That’s because it is on number 6.



5. Toothbrush

Only dirty people don’t brush their teeth regularly. Even the cat above brush it’s teeth regularly!



4. Soap

We use this daily to get rid of germs, before eating, after using the toilet and many times in a day. But there are some people in this world who don’t use this very useful material as they do not know how useful it is.



3. Toilet Seat

Nothing to say about it, you know how important it is. Oh, and toilet paper is also on number 3.



2. Tableware

You wake up and had a breakfast using a plate and had a cup of coffee, use fork or spoon at dinner. I think tableware should be on number 2 in this list.



1. Clothes

Ever since human being evolve from monkey, we are using clothes and will continue till death. Every country have their own style of clothings. Clothes also evolve by time to time and is a feature of nearly all human societies. Clothes is on number 1 on the list showing top 10 things you use everyday.


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