Top 10 Presidents Who Died in Plane Crash

Death is the most sorrowful, and difficult trial that anyone could ever experience, but there were untimely situations that most of the loved ones are not expecting to happen especially if it’s not caused by any natural reason or a long-term illness. Hence, it’s even harder if they were doing good causes and became good influence in the society. Throughout the history, there were various people who created a kind of legacy that cannot be forgotten, and would forever etch in the hearts of those people whom they have touched in one way or another. Based on the timeline, here are the greatest people who died great because they were leaders of the nations that they chose to be in servitude to others. They were not ordinary people, but they led the countries that they were called to serve. Here are the top 10 presidents who died in plane crash, but left remarkable inspiration and contribution to the next generation.



10. Abdul Salam Arif (1966)

His whole name was Abdul Salam Mohammed Arif Aljumaily who was born and raised in Baghdad on March 21, 1921. He became the second President of Iraq on February 08, 1963 after Abdel Qasim was ousted from his position after the coup has ended. However, his leadership did not last longer as expected because on April 13, 1966, he died in a helicopter accident, but it was a belief of everyone even the experts that there were alliances and sabotage to really replace him as the President of Iraq. Hence, his brother assumed the post that he left, after Abdul Rahman Al Bazzaz became the acting president for two days, but failed to get the majority of votes to be the President of Iraq.



9. Rene Barrientos (1969)

He became the President of Bolivia on November 05, 1964, but his term did not even last in a year because he died while he was piloting the helicopter on April 27, 1969. Hence, based on the report given to the public the helicopter that he was riding at hit the power line which was near Cochabamba. People could not forget him because of his caring nature despite of his strong personality. There were rumors that it was not a natural accident, but a belief that assignations have been plotted against him. He also assumed the Vice President’s post in 1964 prior to his elected post as a President.



8. Ramon Magsaysay (1957)

He became the most loved Presidents of the Philippines. He was born and raised in a very humble place in Iba, Philippines on August 31, 1907. He became active in political field in 1946 until he was elected as the new President of the Philippines on December 30, 1957and he replaced Elpidio Quirino, but he was replaced by Carlos P. Garcia who was his Vice President that time after his untimely death happened on March 17, 1957. He had speaking engagements in Cebu City, and he boarded the Presidential plane heading back to Manila wherein there were 36 people died who boarded with him, while 25 survived when the airplane crashed on Mt. Manunggal in the same city.



7. Juvenal Habyarimana (Rwanda) (1994)

His death ended his 20-year rule in Republic of Rwanda as its third President who also served the longest based in their history. He was born and raised in Ruanda-Urundi on March 08, 1937, and begun assuming the President post on July 05, 1973. He was able to seize the power from Grégoire Kayibanda who was the President that time, and he was serving as Army Chief of Staff that time. He died along with the Burundi’s President, Cyprian Ntayamira and others who were with them while riding in Falcon 50 jet that was shot down near the Kigali International Airport.



6. Cyprian Ntayamira (Burundi) (1994)

He became the 5th President of Burundi on February 05, 1994, but it only lasted for two months because of the jet that he and the President of Rwanda were riding was shot down along with other officials who were aboard in jet plane. The assailants of his and others’ demise were not identified or even came to light.



5. Samora Machel (1986)

While President Samora Machel of Mozambigue was heading back from a trip his aircraft hit the South Africa’s mountainside which was near the border of Mozambigue. He became the President of Mozambigue on June 25, 1975, and it lasted after his international meeting was finished in Lusaka, Zambia on October 19, 1896. Three people died aside from President Machel wherein some of them were officials and ministers of the government.



4. Lech Kaczynski (2010)

It was the recent airplane crash that happened to not just a leader of a nation, but a father of a certain country. President Lech Kaczynski along with other civilian and military leaders died and it was reported that it was due to pilot error. Based on the records given, there were about 97 people who had died because of the crash wherein 8 crews included on that figures. The plane was actually more than 20 years in age, and because of this tragic event, a call for an upgrade for all planes in Poland was extended. Prior to this, in 2008, the former President also suffered a near death plane crash when the aircraft’s steering wheel had encountered mechanical error.



3. Jaime Roldós (1981)

Jaime Roldos Aguilera was appointed President of Ecuador on August 10, 1979 and it lasted on May 24, 1981 when the plane that also carried the Minister of Defense, their spouses, and assistants after it crashed on Huairapungo Mountain wherein it did not leave any survivor. There were even series of rumors, speculations, and controversies about the real cause of death, although according to investigations it was caused of pilot error.



2. Boris Trajkovski (2004)

The second President of the Republic of Macedonia was appointed in this office on November 19, 1999, and it lasted until February 26, 2004 because he died on a plane crash due to an inclement weather that caused heavy rain and thick fog on Herzegovinia’s mountainsides.



1. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (1988)

He became the 6th President of Pakistan in July 1977, but like other Presidents on this list, he met his untimely demise in August 1988 when he and other top generals had experienced an aircraft crash on August 17, 1988. Based on the investigation conducted, it was concluded that it was a clear sabotage since there was no Mayday signal issued when the poisonous gases were released that caused incapacitation of the crew, passengers, and the President.

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