Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

A lot of skyscrapers are being established in all parts of the world. These are considered as markers of the economic progress in the country. It is where business and other economical activity sets is. A country with the most building are said to be fast growing economic aspect. I have listed here the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. Check it and who knows one of them could be standing in your country.


10. Tower of Jin Mao in China

Taking the 10th spot for the highest building is in China. The Tower of Jin Mao which literally mean as the Building of Golden Prosperity” is consisting of approximately 88 floors. It has a grand hotel name Shanghai Hyatt Hotel. In 2007, it was marked as the tallest building in China and got the 5th spot in the world. No wonder why China has a massive progress when it comes to economy because of its infrastructures that marked the country. It is also listed in the highest skyscraper based on the vertical elevation


9. Hotel and Tower of Trump International in USA

Taking the 9th spot for tallest building in the world goes to the Tower and Hotel of Trump International. It is located in the State of Chicago, USA. This building has 92 floors with a total height of 1,389 feet or 423 meters. It has a spire and roof topping. It extends from the major part of the Chicago River and getting there will give you a scenic view of the Michigan Lake. It receives honor and respect after garnering the award from the Apprentice TV Show.


8. West Tower of Guangzhou in China

The 8th spot for the tallest building in the world goes back to China. The West Tower of Guangzhou is very tall. It had maintained its standard for energy efficiency to public infrastructures. This means that the building is an eco-friendly structure. It has skin façade with wall equipped with airflow system that can assess and evaluate the weather data and modify it. It only shows that the building has its own way of protecting our planet from conserving the power supply consumption.


7. Tower of Willis in USA

The 7th position goes back to USA. The tower of Willis in the State of Illinois was previously known as the tower of Sears. It has 108 floors or an approximately 442 meters. It was opened to the public last 1973 and known to be the tallest building during that time. It took the title from the Trade Center building in New York. It is the tallest infrastructure in America and 5th in the world. It also earned the 5th spot in the world’s tallest building with a roof.


6. Greenland Financial Center of Nanjing in China

The 6th place for the tallest building in the world goes back to China. The Greenland Financial Center or Nanjing stands as high as 450 meter or 1,500 feet. It has approximately 89 floors. It has 72 observation floors at 940 feet or 287 meters above the ground. If you get there, you will have the advantage of looking at the scenic view of the bustling city of Nanjing. You can also have a precise look at the River if Yangtze and Ridge mountains of Ningzheng.


5. Twin Towers of Petronas in Malaysia

The 5th tallest building in the world goes to Malaysia. The Twin Towers of Petronas is located in the heart of the country, Kuala Lumpur. It was ranked as the highest building in the world from the year 1998 until 2004. It was completed in 1996 and formally introduced to the public in the following year. This infrastructure has marked the progress of economy in Malaysia. This only shows that Malaysia is truly Asia.


4. International Commerce Centre in China

The 4th spot goes back to China again. The Commerce Centre Building has an approximately 118 floors at 1,590 feet or 484 meter above the ground. It was a segment of the Union Square that is established in the Station of Kowloon. It was owned and developed by the Corporation Limited of MTR and Properties of Kai Sun Hung. Hong Kong being the shopping capital of the world makes this as one of their iconic building. It only shows that this independent state of China has something to show to the world how progressive their economy is.


3. World Financial Center of Shanghai in China

Another spot goes to China. The 3rd tallest building in the world has a superb and massive structure that marks the economic development of China. This super high building in Shanghai has 93 floors. It has room for offices, hotels for the visitors, conference rooms to hold meetings and gatherings, observation room to see the scenic view of Shanghai, and malls for shoppers which is located at the base of the building. The Shanghai Park Hyatt hotel has 174 suites and rooms.


 2. Taipei 101 in Taiwan

The 2nd spot and runner up for the tallest building in the world is in Taiwan. The Financial Center of Taiwan is located in the heart of the country, Taipei. It was the tallest builing since 2007 until the soft-opening of the tallest building in the world at UAE. This building represents the economic progress and activity in Taiwan.


1. Burj Khalifa in UAE

The tallest building in the world goes to UAE. The Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is known to be the tallest bulidng in the world it has a total height of 828 meters or 2,717 feet. The construction started in 2004 and officially opened to the public in 2010. It only shows how the Emirates took the fame and respect from other races in the world.

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