Top 10 Most Unique Beds in the World

Having a comfortable bed that you could sleep on at home, and anywhere you go after a tiring day is what everyone looks, and desires. Having a goodnight sleep will keep body rejuvenated and renewed and wake-up for another new day relax and ready to go. There are various purposes of bed whether you are single, building your own family, or just starting as a newlywed couple. There are different types of beds as well which also varies based on the culture that specific countries have established. Some prefer to have the traditional ones, while others are looking for contemporary selections especially to young ones. There are mass-produced type of beds which best serve the masses because of its affordable price, while others request for most personal or personalized type of bed to suits individual tastes, and styles. On this list, you would find not just the modern looked, but the top 10 most unique beds in the world. Find out what made them unique, where they have actually originated, where you could find them being sold, and how much comfort you would get, and the price it sets in the market.


10. Nest Bed

This nest bed was actually a concept created for the Green Garden Exhibition which was made by Gaston Zahr and Merav Eitan. You would have an actual feel as to how birds really rest and sleep on their nest. It’s created to develop socialization and fun time for kids. Aside from the bed itself, it could also be placed in specific area at home where your kids can move and play around. It’s the best bed where little kids rest, and be sent to their dream land wherein they could feel that bed is not just for resting or sleeping, but it can be their little habitation for fun. It has different sizes which also vary depending on the kind of room where this bed will be set-up and placed. In fact, the largest size of it is about 15 feet which could cater about 16 people. Some use it for social gatherings, meetings, and other informal events which are not just limited for kids’ bed purposes.


9. Sofa-Bunk Bed

Everyone is familiar with the sofa type of bed which can be converted as a bed or a sofa depending on your need and preferences. Hence, this one is totally different because it could save one’s area from space, and it’s easy for cleaning purposes. You might wonder how you could convert a sofa bed into a bunk bed in just a few seconds. It’s indeed multifunctional in a different level and usage. The traditional one that most of the people know has been upgraded where you could have two beds in a one-sofa bed. Imagine you could enjoy two beds which you could share with one of the members of your family, and simply convert it back into sofa bed if you feel like relaxing, and enjoying watching your favorite movie at night.


8. Spacecraft Chair bed

If you are tired, and boredom has really hit you when it comes to conventional types of bed, then you could enjoy the scientific and technological touch of this spacecraft chair bed. This is a type of chair that can be converted to a bed which was programmed through an aerospace technology especially if you love gizmos, and other latest stuff in the whole technology realm of the market. It will bring you to a far better goodnight sleep as if you are not really sleeping in your room, but flying on space.


7. Knitted Bed

It may sounds or looks like weird and funny when you see this kind of bed. I bet those people who love or feel like that they are playing as a Gulliver, especially for kids who love this kind of idea, would get tired until they feel that they are sleeping on this big knitted bed of their own. There are other knitted beds that you can find in the market, but it does not look like this one, but it also provides the same comfort and imagination. This is solely for kids, and at times adults who love to explore around, and experience more than the routinely sleeping habits.


6. Up on the Wall Bed

You wouldn’t judge it as one of the beds on this list because it looks like a couch, but less than a bed if you would try to observe and look longer on its unique creation and details. This is actually found in some of the shops in London, although there are other shopping stores in some countries that offer almost same designs. You could also use it as one of the furniture pieces at home where you could place on the receiving area, or whichever or wherever you feel that you could dawdle around, and sleep after you wrestled in your tasks for a day.


5. Enignum Bed

It has a great combination of the traditional or primitive setting of tools, and a dreamy-land concept which allows anyone to really enjoy a sleep night, and sleep tight rest. The materials that were used and picked are all valuable on the way people have lived during the early times of human existence, and different kind of exploration because of the artistic touch of formation of linen, and the wood itself. It is also known as a canopy bed which was personally designed by Joseph Walsh from Ireland who is a known designer in various galleries, and museums. The artistic side that he has shown in this bed has really captured the redefined form and structure because of the combinations of arts, and shapes.


4. Cinderella Bed

Of course, it’s for little girls who are fans of a fantasy story of a girl who has found a prince who would free her from the abusive situations from her stepsisters and stepmothers. Despite that it has been a legacy already because it has been known since your grandmother’s time; the concept of fantasy really tickles little kids’ minds. The girly concept of it is really inviting to little girls especially with the touch of pink or any color which they prefer to have. It’s actually a carriage type of bed that carried Cinderella in one of the favorite fairytales ever told in the history. It’s indeed fanciful for a price of $47,000 since every detail is handcrafted and made in fiberglass and wood in England. Of course, for a princess, the price is indeed set for a royal treatment, and sleeping.


3. Concealed Safe Bed

This is available at the Awesomer which is actually created out of 10 gauge steel fitted hinged doors that has a size of ¼ thick 140 lbs. Its concept is for protection against firearms and it’s available in king and queen sizes. It has two adjoining storage which was made for the purpose of total concealment, and its price starts at $2200. You would really feel a total security if you would have this kind of bed where you could hide, and could protect you against firearms.


2. Floating Bed

There are different kinds of floating bed which is being placed inside the room which is more of elevation from the ground. Hence, this specific type of floating bed is used if you are on a pool which you could place on top of it wherein you’ll never get wet, and feel like that you are having a voyage on the sea. This is specifically designed by Ego Paris which is also a cool type of bed. This is a not a hanged-type of bed that makes you float. Its only used for pools.


1. Zipper Bed

It’s a very innovative bed wherein you don’t need to wear your strength out in maintaining, and keeping it after using. You just have to zip it up in the morning when you wake-up and unzip it if you want to sleep at night or rest in between if you are a home maker. It’s so simple, but the convenience that it gives to the user especially to those who are not really in the habit of cleaning their  bed when they wake-up, would definitely need to have a piece of it at home. It’s first created by an Italian company specifically in Florida Furniture, and it becomes widely available in some places. It is really flexible when it comes to sleeping arrangements, and it’s easy to zip apart when it’s time for you to use it, and when you’re done using it.

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