Top 10 Benefits of Organic Food

This month celebrates the Organic Harvest Month which was set, declared, and implemented by the Organic Trade Association in 1992. Its main purpose is to promote widely the organic food and agriculture through local and regional events. Despite of the contemporary alternatives and quickest methods in preparing food these days especially the accessibility and convenience that most of the food products give, it’s still high time to inculcate to the masses the importance of organic agriculture, and maintaining growing organic products industry. In fact, there are numbers of benefits that one can draw from the organic food. No matter how modern the age and era that we have right now because of the revolution and evolution of technology, nothing beats the natural powers that come from the food which are not preserved and processed by any chemicals. In fact, people still believe that the long existence of people anciently became possible since they were living in traditional life and living. In fact, even this even is just being celebrated in the whole country of the United States; every country should step forward, and contribute or support the need of promoting natural foods if one wants a longer life. In fact, there various events and programs that have been laid out where most of the industries, supermarkets, schools, restaurants, and even parks will participate, and would make this day interactive and fun-filled event. Hence, in order for you to comprehend and appreciate the full impact of this day, here are the top 10 benefits of organic food, and the reason why you ought to promote and support it.


10. It Preserves Diversity

The promotion of organic food production does not only protect the environment, but also preserves the diversity of large and even small variety of species. In fact, it’s one of the hindrances for preserving the environment in large measure because of contemporary influences which are brought about by the assured convenience and promised progress to the people. The preservation process is indeed simplified, but the natural methods for collecting and preservation of seeds have been outgrown and outdone. Hence, there are still concerned farmers who still believe in natural cultivation of seeds wherein they are patiently and diligently growing varieties of seeds which are not part of the common selections that can be seen these days. This is the purpose of organic promotion to increase the preservation and cultivation of diversity so that generations to come may still witness and see those species.


9. Better Treatment on Animals

It has been observed that proper and human-like treatments on animals have decreased because of the non-organic promotion of major industries and products that sell animal products. Hence, in organic products they are being given proper diet, and enough space where they can move compared to mass of animals which are all placed in an area where they can’t move freely. It is true that it’s time consuming, but animals deserve a conducive environment, where they can grow healthy before the time arrives that they have to be used for human consumption, and other valuable product output.


8. It Has Life Force

Since it has no chemicals that destroy the necessary nutrients that the body needs, it gives an optimum energy that the human body needs. Moreover, since it did not undergo the chemical processing in preserving them, it would support the ideal balanced diet that has been advised to all. One must take note that in order to assure that you’ll get the real nutrients are the electromagnetic life force which is better known as chi or qi in oriental medicine and the natural digestive enzymes which are important element in maintaining good health which can only be found in organic food. It is true that you can still find a percentage of it in non-organic food, but it has decreased a large portion of it which is very critical in human’s health. This life force is essential to supply sufficient energy, and renew vibrancy of the body. Hence, it’s opposite to all packaged or processed foods because that life force has been devoid because of the industrial processing and cooking.


7. It Builds Healthy Soil

To those organic farmers, they have maintained the process of preserving and getting a healthy soil because of the natural methods that they are using. In fact, they are more concern and meticulous in getting the right foundation by giving right stewardship on the land to have an abundant and healthy harvest. In fact, there are required processes that must be certified in order to quantify that it’s under the organic agricultural procedures. Some of the things that will be checked on are the composting, crop rotation, manure, materials that will be used in covering soil fertility, and it’s advised the avoidance of sewage sludge and municipal or commercial solid waste. In fact, it will take up to three years in order to build a healthy soil for organic farming.


6. It Preserves the Environment

You don’t only preserve the natural elements that most of the crops, animals, and other foods have, but you also promote preservation and protection of the environment because of the natural process that organic farming has. It promotes conservation of water which is one of the concerns of the traditional farming since there are large amount of water being used in order to achieve an abundant yielding harvest. In fact, organic farmer’s posses’ expertise and professional knowledge in the realms of innovative farming because they are the one that reduce the use of pesticide and produce efficient energy because of the conventional methods which are safe not just to humans but to plants, and to the surroundings. On this method, they balance a healthy ecosystem; conserve water sources, and keeping the community safe and healthy.


5. No Chemicals

Since majority of the organic foods come directly from the farm, it is assured that they are free from any pesticides and other harmful chemical fertilizers. If this will be compared to non-organic products which are being sold in most of the supermarkets, and other stores that have high amounts of preservatives which are not good for the well-being of individuals. In fact, they are threats against children, developing fetuses, pregnant women, and scary build-up because of accumulation. It’s fresher, and most of the animals which are raised in farms are not being served of any antibiotics or other vitamins which are being used in conventional farming to strain-off bacteria.


4. Its Safe for Babies and Children

The development of babies and children are always proven effective with the traditional and safe organic farming and agriculture. The results of the products produced in an organic way provides sufficient nutrients and vitamins that they need for the development of their brain and other organs in the body which cannot be met if one purchase commercial products. It is free from any toxic and chemicals which might be harmful for the development of babies at an early stage. Everyone must be remember that its critical for any toddler or new-born child to be fed by commercial products, that’s the same reason why its recommended to have each child fed through breastfeeding by mothers.


3. It Reduces Health Risks

The convenience that most of the commercial products give does not assure individuals that they would still receive the valuable nutrients in its exact proportion. Moreover, there are more associated health risks since there are more preservatives added, and other ingredients in order to prolong the feeding time based on expiration period. Nonetheless, it does not alleviate the fact that natural products produced in an organic way allows individual to sufficiently take in necessary nutrients which are in its equal amount, and not reduced in anyway. In fact, some of the ill-fated diseases are actually the cause of mortality issues in the world such as cancer, and other common diseases these days. The pesticide exposure is reduced because of organic process is applied from the soil down the growing of crops, and the same applies in growing animal farms that produce dairy products.


2. It Tastes Better

The natural flavor and taste have been preserved greatly and in fact 100% because the organic process does not add any chemicals in order to strain out pests, and other threats to healthy development of crops. In fact, nothing beats the superior and natural taste of the products. Moreover, there are number of restaurants and stores that are also following the standard for organic methods without applying any manipulation on the food that they prepare to their customers. You could simply identify the difference between an apple juices packed in can against a real apple that you can drain out to produce real juices. You would still go for the natural and superb taste since it’s real or authentic.


1. More Nutrients

The retention of nutrients is preserved up to 50% compared to non-organic products wherein you could only get less than a quarter of the 50% calculation of nutrients. The major health benefits that an individual need is antioxidant, but because of the unnatural process of preservation and commercial applications, it allows anyone to have cancer and formation of heart diseases. It would also improve the immune system of individuals, avoid any disorder, and maintains regular sleeping habits. It’s safe, and based on studies, it is 25% higher than the non-organic foods. You could also buy products which are labeled organic than buying conventional ones in the market. You just need to qualitatively evaluate the amount of nutrients that you could get.

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