Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In the World 2012

Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world 2012.                                                                                                                 A considerably high crime rate is observed in few cities of every country. The worst part is few of these cities are renowned tourist spots preferred by travelers around the globe. Few travelers cannot resist themselves from visiting those places despite of the high crime rate. If you are planning to visit these places then you have to be well aware of the measures to be taken to safeguard yourself. Here is a list of 10 most dangerous cities in the world in 2012.

1.  Caracas: This city of Venezuela is a place with little control of police over the crimes taking place in the city. Drug trafficking is very high in Caracas because of its geological positioning. The place is not safe even in broad daylight due to uncontrollable robbery. Even the locals are scared of robbery and evil drugs taking the lives of their grownups. The crime rate is at an alarming stage and strict measures are to be taken by the local government to make it a safe place to live.

 2.    Mogadishu: This chaotic city is the capital of Somalia. Even after two decades of civil war that has wrecked the city as well as the entire country there is no political stability. The aggressive local militias, frequent political violence make it one of the unsafe places to live on earth. This city of Somalia with hugenumbers of bandits has no specific law to take action against the crimes. Majority of the locals vacated the city in search of safety for their lives. There is not much left in the city except the broken remaining of thebuildings. However, the violence continues to be very high in Mogadishu.

3. Rio de Janeiro: This beautiful city with incredible beaches and fantastic landscapes is in Brazil and is no exception for high crime rate. Due to poor economic status of nearly 20% of the population the city is filled with slum areas (favela)  that are unsafe to visit. The city is also a center for drug trafficking. Travelers can enjoy the city safely by keeping themselves away from high mountainous regions and slum areas. It is highly recommended to not roam in the city at nights. Police force in Rio de Janeiro is competent enough to offer protection but bribery is highly observed.

4. Grozny, Chechnya, Russia: The conflict between Chechnya and Russia that was started in 1990 continued for about a decade and has torn down the city completely. After thousands of deaths, the conflict ended in 2006. However, the city filled with dynamites and missiles continues to be the most unsafe place in the world. Even now in 2012 the place continues to be home for both insignificant and organized crimes. Western tourists are highly recommended to stay away from this place due to increased hostage crimes.

5.  Ciudad Juarez: This is city of Mexico is the worst victim of drug trafficking. The drug business groups in Mexico are notoriously dangerous and they do not hesitate to do anything just to sale their drugs. The powerful drug trafficking groups are unstoppable and in fact they rule the city. Even the police are found to be corrupt. Though the place is not included in the war zones it is considered as highly dangerous place because of high crimes related to drug trafficking. The impotent local government and the continuous efforts of United States in regulating the drug crimes are paving the way for illegal drug sales.

6.  Bogota, Colombia: One other dangerous city of the world that is victim of drug trade. Apart from the drug trade the city is suffering from political indifferences. The revolutionary extremist groups working against the Colombian government contributed their part in making the place dangerous. However, the political indifference started to calm down since 90’s. Tourists are advised to reside in northern parts of the city which are comparatively safer than southern parts. Never wander in regions that fall in outskirts of the city and are away from safer regions. You can enjoy the beautiful tourist spots of Bogota by following the mentioned safety measures.

7. Baghdad, Iraq: Baghdad is another city hit by unstable government. Different political groups existing in the city adopt their own ways destroying the city. The sudden invasion by United States in the year 2003 left the city with shambles of wrecked buildings. Invasion has boosted the already existing violence and has made the city an aggressive place uncomfortable to live. Streets were filled with American military and the local aggressive political groups trying to fight back Americans. The political instability, poor infrastructure has further aggravated violence in this city of Iraq. It is no more a pleasant place to live or visit.

8.  Guatemala: The corrupt government and police force paved way for rise in criminal activity in Guatemala City of Guatemala. Economical indifferences between the rich and poor are very high and this is the cause for robbery and dreadful violence in the city. The corrupt government and increased violence is a making this gorgeous city with beautiful landscapes and huge buildings an unsafe place for the tourists. Corruption can be seen in every street of the city.

9.  San Pedro Sula: This city in Honduras is renowned for robbery and man slaughtering. Especially, tourists should be very careful while walking in the streets of San Pedro Sula as they end-up to be the major victims of crime in the city. In fact, highly dangerous places such as Iraq and Afghanistan stand next to this city in violence. It is common for the locals to carry a weapon along with them for self protection. Even small disputes end up with huge violence in the streets. Tourists should be highly cautious and find a safer place to live.

10. Cape Town, South Africa:  This is the most favored tourist attraction by travelers around the world. You can find n number of things to do in this wonderful city. On the dark side of the city is violence. Never try walking in restricted areas in the odd timings of the day else you will be robbed. Huge socioeconomic disparity among various groups of people is the major cause for increased crime rate in Cape Town. Tourists should choose an area that is safe to stay. You have to be extra careful while using an ATM. Always walk in the streets only if they are well lit with people moving around.

All these 10 most dangerous cities in the world in 2012 have become unsafe for tourists because of either economic disparities or corrupt and unstable governments. If you are planning to visit these dangerous cities then plan along with a big group to reduce the risk of being victims of crime.

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